Our commercial cleaning services provide detailed and effective cleaning of your office space. We specialize in cleaning Doctors’ offices, Car dealerships, Lawyers offices, Banks, as well as any other office buildings. The types of cleaning we provide are regular cleans, deep cleans, spring cleans, as well as move in and move out cleans. Our professional cleaners take the time to not only get the job done, but to get the job done right, to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.


Here is a list of things we cover within the cleaning service:

  • Mop floors with an environmentally friendly solution
  • Clean all floors by vacuuming and sweeping. Assure that air vents and baseboards are dusted a few times per month
  • Empty all trash
  • Remove finger prints and excess marks from windows with window cleaner
  • Carefully clean and mop restrooms with an environmentally friendly solution. Clean sinks, mirrors, toilets and urinals using disinfectant spray. Refill soap, paper towels, toilet paper with supplies that are provided to us.
  • Clean the kitchen which includes the microwave, stovetop, countertop, and all tables. Refill napkins, plasticware, and paper cups if need be.
  • Report any unusual damages or occurrences.

Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly Cleaning: 

  • A weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is the best way to keep your office always looking it’s best. Because you are cleaning your office space more frequently, you are at less of a risk of being exposed to allergens and dust floating throughout your home.

Free Estimates

  • We provide free estimates for your office. One of our cleaning techs will come to your location to determine the best approach to ensure your office space is well cleaned.

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