1. Do you provide your own cleaning supplies?

  • We provide all of the supplies and products needed to provide cleaning for your office space.

2. Are you local?

  • We are locally owned and operated since 2008. We believe employing local residents creates a domino effect that helps the community as a whole. In addition, it allows us to provide better customer service than larger corporate counterparts.

3. Do you do cleaning inspections?

  • In order to be an effective cleaning company, we believe that having on going cleaning inspections are very important. It allows us to monitor our cleaner’s performance and to make sure our clients are pleased with the service we provide at their facility.

4. How do you keep in contact with your cleaners?

  • We equip our cleaners with mobile technology that helps them do their best work, and allows us to better manage our team. Here's what that means for you.


5. Do you report problems proactively?

  • We differentiate ourselves by being proactive if something comes up. Our cleaners are trained to report any issue big or small, at the end of their shift so that their manager is aware and can begin trouble shooting the problem immediately.

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